Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I've been trying to get back to business with cardmaking-scrapbooking.  No, I didn't take the entire summer off from my craft, just a little break since the July wedding.

I recently made a card that I will send to my cousin's two little girls for Halloween.  I wondering what they are dressing up as this year?  Guess we are all done with going trick-or-treating here at our house as Dan has outgrown it.  Although now he'd be more into the "tricks" than the "treats."  For several years he wanted to make a "haunted house" outside to scare kids.  I told him not to jump out and scare ANY little ones!

The other pictures are of a little Halloween treat that I made using directions from the video on Holly's rubber redneck site http://rubberredneck.typepad.com/rubber-redneck/2011/10/mondays-3d-challenge-halloween-ghirardelli-holder.html  (Arrgh!  I've forgotten how to attach the link.  Please do a copy and paste on the URL to see Holly's video.)

Tri-Fold Halloween card.  Outside of card on left, and center of the card is on the right.

Yum!  Maybe some of my co-workers would like some...for a price!  Ha!!!

Happy Tricks 'n Treats!